I particularly enjoy making pieces to commission - windows, doors, wallpieces, free-hanging panels and large, decorative mirrors. My work is in homes and buildings across the UK and abroad.

A window or panel can be fitted into the rebate with putty in the conventional way. Alternatively, it can be fitted up against the existing clear glass and held in with wooden beading. Another popular method is to hang the panel on fishing line or fine chains, slightly in front of the existing glass - this can look particularly effective with certain designs as it gives a 'frame' of clear glass around the panel. Either of the two latter methods mean that you can still have stained glass even if your windows are double-glazed and, if you move house, you can easily remove the panel to take with you.

Design ideas are developed through detailed discussions with the client and I generally start by asking a client to tell me which pieces and elements of my work they particularly like. Where possible, I like to visit the location where the piece will be displayed to get an idea of the light, atmosphere and colour scheme. If the client is not local, discussions are undertaken by telephone, letter or e-mail, alternatively the client may visit my studio by appointment. I will then send the client a colour sketch of the proposed design, together with a quotation and timescale. At this stage the client may wish to alter the design, colours or size.

As all my commissioned work is designed for a particular client and location, and each piece is therefore unique, quotations are always given on an individual basis. However, the cost depends on the amount of work involved. Generally, the fewer the pieces within the window and the less surface decoration (sandblasting, painting, etc.) the lower the cost. Alternatively, if you have a budget in mind I can design the piece with this in mind.

Once the design is agreed upon and the deposit paid, I will go ahead and order the glass, which can take some time to arrive as it is shipped from France, Germany and the USA. At this stage, I will also be able to schedule the work and give the client a firm delivery date. The balance is payable on delivery.

For photographs and descriptions of some of my completed commissions see the Gallery pages.

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