About Carole

I am a designer and maker of decorative architectural stained glass for windows, doors, free hanging panels, wallpieces and large mirrors. By the time I finished my BA (Hons) in 3-Dimensional Design at Middlesex Polytechnic, I realised that what I was really interested in was colour and pattern. I then studied at the renowned stained glass department at City Lit in London, before beginning to make stained glass professionally.

Over the last 20+ years, I have completed many commissions for private and corporate clients and you can see some of my work on the Gallery pages. I also specialise in making personalised wedding and civil partnership panels, which make a unique gift; you can see a few of these here.

I also teach stained glass and you can find out more on the Courses pages.

I use many of the traditional techniques practised by stained glass artists over the centuries. However, I use these techniques to create work which is highly contemporary and decorative. I specialise in using decorative techniques, including sandblasting, kiln-fired paints and stains, plating, false leading and gilding.

I use a wide variety of glass including flashed glass (glass with a thin layer of a different colour glass on top). Most of the glass I use is handmade and has seeds, striations and other natural irregularities which add to the depth and beauty of the glass. When the light shines through, these irregularities cause the light to bounce and refract in wonderful ways.

My style of work is often abstract and inspiration comes from a wide range of sources. Colour, repeating patterns and decorative motifs are a common theme throughout. As you will see from the photographs on this website, I am as happy using strong, vibrant colours as with a cool, calm and restrained palette.

My aim is to create pieces which will make the most of available light, exploit the natural beauty of the glass and remain a source of interest to the client for years to come.

I am listed on the Crafts Council Register and am a member of the Contemporary Glass Society, the British Society of Master Glass Painters, and the Design and Artists Copyright Society.

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