What we did at the weekend!

25th April 2016
This weekend I taught a group of beginners to make stained glass at West Dean College, near Chichester. Eight of the group were total beginners; one had done a previous weekend course. Isn't it amazing how different all the panels are, considering they all followed the same brief - a 30cm square or 25cm x 40cm panel; non-representational; at least two straight lines and two curved lines; around 12 pieces of glass.

The students learnt all the techniques involved in making a stained glass panel; including glass cutting, designing, leading & soldering, cementing & polishing. I took these snaps just before the students left yesterday afternoon - although finished, the panels still need some more cleaning which will keep them occupied once they get home!

It was a great bunch of students, from as far afield as Milton Keynes, and the weekend was a lot of fun. As usual, staying in the historic and beautiful house at West Dean was a joy. We all took time to fit in a walk or two around the grounds, which are particularly pretty at the moment with an abundance of spring flowers. Last, but not least, we all ate far too much of the delicious food on offer!

I'm teaching this course again from 7-9 October 2016; a link to the full details and booking is on the Other venues page.

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